Way back in middle school, I used to be carpool buddies with this girl, but when we went to high school we lost contact and I just kept up with her on social media. When I started looking for dancers, I knew I had to reconnect with her and see if she could be a part of my dance photoshoot. As luck would have it, both her and Joann had a small open window this summer on the same day and I knew with the two of them this photoshoot was going to be amazing.




Nicolette was DYNAMITE on this shoot! We were able have fun and play with so many creative elements within the studio, and I loved how she adapted dance to every prop she was given. She was absolutely amazing to work with and almost seemed to read my mind while posing so the whole shoot flowed perfectly. When I look through her pictures, I always have this urge to play some music in the background or to get up and dance (I don't look half as good as she does when I'm dancing though). I feel so happy with what we were able to achieve together as a team!


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