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Josselyn is a senior at Pasadena High School and the Secretary of her drill team. I met this beautiful lady and some of her family here in League City for her senior photos and the day turned out absolutely gorgeous for her! It was so much fun seeing this girl rock her uniform and getting some wide smiles out of her by having her sister right over my shoulder to make her laugh. I'm so happy to have worked with Josselyn over the break and I wish her an amazing rest of her senior year!


Janszen Wedding Day


Where do I begin with this couple? Jesse and I took Brooke and Erik's engagement photos in December, and we instantly knew that these two were special. Their fun, happy spirit carried throughout their engagement session and continued through all our contact with them after as we waited for their wedding day. We spent the day at Butler's Courtyard meeting their beautiful family, laughing with them and their best friends, and anxiously peeking out the window with them every time the rain picked back up. When it finally came time for Brooke to walk down the aisle, I'm not going to lie the look on Erik's face made a few tears well up in my eyes. The love these two have for each other is so amazing, and it was such a wonderful experience being there to capture their once in a lifetime moment.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Janszen! 




I had such a wonderful time with Serina on her senior shoot! This lovely lady looked stylish in all of her outfits and didn't let the nasty cold weather stop her. She rocked every single one of her poses and I had such a great time with all the smiles and laughs we had during the photoshoot. I'm so happy Serina was my first 2018 senior and I can't wait to see where life takes this fantastic girl!