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Hi there!

I'm Kate, and I'm a photographer born and raised here in Houston, Texas! I've grown up loving art and have all of the terrible drawings and doodles to prove it, but no art form really captured my heart quite like photography. I've always loved storytelling, but I never realized the capabilities of what photography could do to serve others and tell their stories until I set off on this wonderful path! It's been an amazing journey so far and I can't wait to see where else it takes me! 


when I'm not taking pictures i love:

-My wonderful, supportive family! This includes my two doggies (Sadie and Monkee) and my grumpy, old cat (Coco)

-Jesus and my church, Onelife (send me all your worship music)!

-Reading! Nothing gets me excited like having a new story to read! 

-Chick-fil-a! "I'll take an 8 count meal please"

-Dr. Pepper! So goooood.

-The Beach! Interestingly enough though I'm terrified of the ocean because of too much Animal Planet as a kid. 

-Sunsets! Almost all my pictures are taken around this time too. 

-Exclamation marks! (obviously)


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