A dance photoshoot was on my photography bucket list, so I decided to do it in style by booking a time at the wonderful Fill in the Blank Studio here in downtown Houston and finding not just one but TWO extraordinary dancers to be my models. Today’s feature will be for the amazing Joann, and tomorrow check here for Nicolette’s post.




The fact that I got to work with a BALLERINA on this shoot had me excited for weeks leading up to the photoshoot. Joann is not only gorgeous, but she has such a kind and good-natured personality that makes her so easy and fun to work with. We first met when I took prom photos for her group earlier this year, and when I was thinking of dancers to approach Joann kept coming to my mind. Luckily the scheduling worked out and we were able to meet up to make magic together! When I went through her pictures, I was blown away by how effortless she made everything look. I feel so blessed to have been able to have her be a part of my shoot and capture that love for dance.


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