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I had one of the most amazing senior shoots ever with the lovely Hannah recently and it's so exciting to get to share her photos here! We headed downtown to the Sugar and Cloth Wall by Ashley Rose, and let me just say this location was absolutely perfect for her bubbly personality. Throughout the shoot, I was so impressed with her ability to just be herself in front of the camera and she made my job so much easier by just letting go and being so adventurous as she tried different poses! Pairing her sweet personality with the amazing colors of the wall and the rainbow stairs was just the ultimate combination, and adding in the bubbles, balloons, and two of the cutest outfits I've had the chance to photograph just made it all the better. Thank you to the amazing people of Blushworthy for doing such a gorgeous job on her makeup, thank you Ashley Rose for creating such an awesome location, and lastly thank you Hannah for being such an amazing model and I hope Texas A&M knows how lucky they are to be getting you!