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Brooke & Erik


Brooke and Erik have become one of my FAVORITE couples that I have ever worked with. Jesse and I took their engagement photos downtown at Buffalo Bayou Park, and we had an amazing time learning their story and getting to know them as we explored this beautiful location.  They had such a genuine chemistry on and off camera, and their session was full of laughter and smiles that made the whole experience so memorable and fun for both Jesse and I. Thank you Brooke and Erik for choosing us for your engagement photos and we can't wait for your wedding in February! 


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Hayley & Ryan


Jesse and I took Hayley and Ryan's engagement photos in November, and we had such an amazing time with this wonderful couple! They looked absolutely gorgeous in every pose we threw at them, and their chemistry translated to their pictures so beautifully. I feel so lucky that we're able to meet couples that are just so in love and are so comfortable being their true selves in front of us. Mix that with an awesome location and you've got yourself an amazing engagement shoot! Thank you for having us as your photographers Hayley and Ryan and we look forward to your wedding this February!


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