1. How does scheduling a session work?

2. Will you give me direction for what to do as far as posing?

3. What should I wear for my session?

4. Should I get professional hair and makeup done for my photos?

5. Should I bring props?

6. The session's just for me but can I bring someone along?

7. What time will we be taking photos?

8. How soon can I expect to get my pictures?


1. how does Scheduling a session work?

The first step is to fill out a contact form (listed below at the bottom of the senior/portrait/wedding pages). Then, I'll send you an email back to answer any questions or to set a consult and session date with you! We'll meet up for our scheduled consult to discuss outfits, props, locations, and questions over coffee, and then the next time we meet will be our session day! 

2. Will you give me direction for what to do as far as posing?

Of course! I understand how awkward the posing process is at first, but I like to create a comfortable, fun environment for my clients so that the smiles on camera are totally natural and unforced. You'll never be put in front of my camera and told to just "be natural". Instead you'll be guided into poses that allow you to be comfortable with your body positioning so your main focus can be showing off your beautiful personality to the camera. 

3. What should I wear for my session?

Outfits and styling will be discussed in detail during our consult before the session! My main focus is having my clients wear clothes that fit their personalities and their personal style while also being totally comfortable. If you're uncomfortable in your outfit it will show almost right away during the session and you will probably not be as happy with how you look once you receive all your images. I can't wait to talk style with you!

4. Should I have professional hair and makeup done for my photos?

A thousand times YES! Getting professional hair and makeup done not only allows you to get the chance to feel like a celebrity before your session, but it makes you absolutely glow for the camera. We’ll talk about this more in detail during our meeting, but a HMUA is going to know exactly how to apply your makeup and style your hair for the camera and it makes a world of difference when you see your photos later. You definitely won’t regret it!

5. Should I bring props?

Yeeeees!! Props are always welcome (especially for seniors). Bring along the confetti, bubbles, balloons, letterman jackets, hats, flags, signs or whatever else you can think of. It's easier to pose for the camera when you have something fun to play with and it can be a way for everyone to get some laughs out during the photos. Pets are welcome to join as well as long as they have someone else along to handle them while they're not in front of the camera. 

6. The session's just for me but can i bring someone along?

Of course you can! Bring your momma or papa, some siblings, a significant other, or whoever else will make you feel at ease during your session. If you're someone who isn't as comfortable in front of the camera just make sure you only bring along people who are going to make you feel more comfortable rather than awkward while posing. 

7. What time will we be taking photos?

I'm a natural light photographer, so while I own and know how to use a flash, I prefer using natural lighting from the sun for my sessions. Almost all photoshoots will be scheduled between or during the first two hours after sunrise or the two hours before sunset just because these times have the most beautiful light of the day. There are a few exceptions to this that we can chit chat about when we're scheduling your session, but most likely we'll be shooting as the sun goes up or as it goes down!

8. How soon can I expect to get my pictures?

You will be sent 2-4 sneak peeks within 48 hours after your session. For seniors and portraits you can expect to see your photos within 14 days of the original session. For weddings you will receive a fully downloadable online gallery within 21-30 days. 

Still have some questions? Swing by my Contact Me page and I'll contact you as soon as possible!