Do you edit the pictures?

Each image is softly retouched after our session for lighting, color, and ___! I personally prefer to not edit away anything permanent on the body such as moles, stretch marks, or scars as I see these as beautiful parts of you! If you have any major concerns about a part of your body this can be discussed during your consultation.

I don’t want anyone to see my photos. Is that okay?

Absolutely. Privacy will be discussed during our initial consult and you will be sent a questionnaire over your comfort level in sharing the images so that we are on the exact same page throughout the entire process. Your trust is very important to me and I would never want to do anything to take advantage of it.

why are digital files not included with the sitting fee?

When you book a boudoir session, you’re making an investment. After that nail polish chips away, the hair and makeup is washed, and the lingerie is put back in your closet, what do you have left from your boudoir session? Your images. And what happens when we receive only digital files? We forget about prints and albums. We become consumed with the other details of our lives because we can always “print them later” or set up that album when we get free time.

I want these images that you love in your hands. I want to create albums for you. I want to put your photos in a gorgeous glass box for you to keep forever. There is absolutely nothing like seeing the way a face lights up when someone is able to hold their images. You are pure artwork and you should be displayed like it. So while you can absolutely purchase the digital files alone, you’ll be walked through numerous ways to preserve that gorgeousness of yours during your ordering session (and .

How much does a session cost?

The cost is totally dependent on you! I’ll be able to provide you with a pricing guide for all prints + products upon request so that you can set a budget for yourself early! I also offer 6 month payment plans for your fee as well, so no worries if you want to spread out that investment!

could i just take the digital copies and print them somewhere cheaper?

You sure could! But what can often go wrong is you are left with images with ruined quality and colors. I spend hours after our session carefully editing each image to look absolutely perfect for you, and I would hate to see you left with prints that don’t represent the full extent of the investment and work put into our session together. That’s why I print through a professional photo lab to ensure your images lose no quality. As I also mentioned above, our busy lives can often get in the way of printing, and our images are left to sit untouched on our computers for months or even years before we think of them again.

As a fun side note, each print ordered comes with a matching digital file as well, so in the end you’re left with both!